how it works, we don’t quite know, that it works we definitely do

entangled minds create a quantum hologram
The quantum hologram works by using what Edgar Mitchell calls Phase–Conjugative–Adaptive–Resonance: the effect that makes a violin, on a chair across a room, vibrate with the same note you’ve just played. The quantum hologram is created in the animal’s brain and the resonance is picked up by the psychic, whose brain translates the images, thoughts, feelings and words. 
This makes animal communication language independent … though in my case not entirely. Experience has shown that horses respond to the language that they hear people around them speaking. Just another anomaly to add to those that already exist about psychic communication.
fMRI scans show that when I hear an animal’s voice in my head, the part of my brain that works is the left Heschl's gyrus in the auditory cortex — the part of the brain that only responds to human speech — I’m research subject H1.
This anomaly also occurs among deaf people, when they use sign language: the scientific explanation needs a spot of updating! 
Prof. David E. J. Linden, School of Psychology, Bangor University, Bangor LL57 2AS, GB. Email:
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