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I have been talking to animals all my life, but only in 2003 did I discover that it was something people wanted you to do, so they could understand their horse — so I did some readings for a fund–raiser. That started twelve years of talking to horses professionally.
Most of my work is referrals or from people I’ve done readings for before. I can come to you, but usually visits are to big yards where the travel cost is shared. The majority of the readings that I do are by e–mail.
The most unusual animal communication request — from a lady who sold composting worms: she wanted advice on packaging to keep them happy in the post. The largest animal, an elephant at Chester Zoo; the smallest a rare Egyptian tortoise. 
I spend my time talking telepathically to horses, dogs and cats — all conversations with people are vocal!
Anyone can do it, as they’ve learned on my courses. Like playing the violin or even walking a tightrope, it requires practice and determination, but if you really want to, you can learn to talk to animals too.
photos: the wild Carneddau ponies and my Thoroughbred mare Fossil, who had long conversations with Mrs Body — her name for me
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Catherine Walker
Anywhere if you understand English
and can …

BA Hons 1975
PGCE 1976
M Phil 1989
Reiki Master 1998
MRPCH 2009

Reasearch interests
fMRI evidence of brain activity in telepathic communication
empirical confirmation of human/ animal telepathy

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